AG Holder to Speak Against Voter ID/Suppression Laws

Good thing Attorney General Eric Holder waited until after his appearance at the House Judiciary Committee on Fast and Furious. Had he made the speech he will make today last Monday, that hearing probably would have been even more lively than it already was.

The NYT is reporting that the Attorney will finally speak out strongly against a spate of new Voter ID laws that have swept the country. “The speech could inflame a smoldering partisan dispute over race and ballot access just as the 2012 campaign cycle intensifies…” the New York Times writes. That’s the understatement of the year. No matter what the Attorney General does there would likely be controversy.  As Washington becomes more and more partisan it seems that no matter what Administration policy is there will be pushback from the GOP side.

Many have wondered why the Department of Justice has been quiet on the issue of voter suppression. Holder will speak at the LBJ Library.  That setting indicates he may really throw down.