99ers: Lee, Scott Meet with Boehner, Cantor on 99ers/Unemployment Extensions

LEE + SCOTT MEET WITH SPEAKER BOEHNER AND ML CANTOR. No one could ever guess that two Democrats in the minority in the U.S. House could even get close to scoring even a meeting with the House Speaker and the Majority Leader in these hyper partisan times on any bill over a billion dollars much less 16 billion.  But today, Reps. Barbara Lee and Eric Cantor did just that.  They met with House Speaker John Boehner on unemployment insurance extensions for the 99ers, those who have already run out on benefits.  The meeting occurred in the Speaker’s Boehner’s office started this morning at 10:30AM and ended at about 11.  Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post and asked them questions as they exited… I rolled video as they left…  As you can see on the small screen at top left, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had no reaction and did not comment upon exiting.