99er Mystery: Is It in There? Obama Job Plan is $447BIL, 99er Bill is $16BIL

99er Mystery.  Don’t think we’re not asking this morning whether or not there is a 99er extension in this plan… or even a plan to have it in the plan.  No, the President did not use the term “99er” last night that doesn’t mean the issues if dead in the water.  Even though he didn’t say “black unemployment” there is language that indicates targeted assistance disproportionately for blacks.  But with this President, what results in the end is often far different than what he says speech after speech (see “shared sacrifice” during the debt deal…) Also remember that months ago when CBC Chair Cleaver said that the Barbara Lee/Bobby Scott bill (HR 589) was a “non-starter” at a cost of $16 billion?  All of a sudden here we are with a jobs bill at $447 billion.  Yes, there was vague language last night regarding “unemployment insurance.”  No one really knows what that actually means until specific legislative language is written or until someone in the Obama Administration says what it means is specific terms.  Gene Sperling is here in the Capitol this morning.  He will brief House Democrats on the President’s jobs plan.  I’ll ask Rep. Lee what could be in there regarding 99ers. (photo: Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr and Barbara Lee listen to President Obama’s speech.)