$700,000 Prison Sits Empty? 7 Articles of Note…

A few interesting articles of note…

Rep. Ryan

01. Who’s the Most Unpopular Governor in America? read here by Andy Kroll of Mother Jones 02. Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments read here by Justin Elliot of Salon
03. Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan an Cost Shifting to Seniors read here by Igor Volsky of Think Progress  04. When Mitt Romney Convinced Ted Kennedy to Support the Individual Mandate by Igor Volsky of Think Progress
05. Cellphones ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ World Health Organization Says by Robin Stein, Washington Post  06. Former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle to be released from jail by Paul Rosynsky, San Jose Mercury News
07. New Virginia prison sits empty, at a cost of more than $700,000 a year by Susan Kinzie, Washington Post