183 Acres, 35 Buildings: A #VA HBCU Is Up for Auction

183 Acres, 35 Buildings: A #VA HBCU Is Up for Auction

Consider a few random budget numbers numbers:

$1 billion in “loan guarantees” for Ukraine. (House/Senate just voted this through)
$236 million budget increase for the Bureau of Prisons (President Obama’s 2015 budget)
$5 billion in for programs and assistance for Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan (President Obama’s 2015 budget)
$3 billion for international peace-keeping operations (President Obama’s 2015 budget)

St. Paul’s needed $5 million to stay financial stable.
“Former Gov. Bob McDonnell had more interest in providing $11 million for creating a slavery memorial site in Richmond than in spending $5 million to revive Saint Paul’s and Gov. Terry McAuliffe appears to hold the same position,” wrote Jeremy Lazarus for the Richmond Free Press.

The Episcopal church provided $160,000 in three installments last year to keep St. Paul’s going.

Remember $5 million and think of the $236 million increase the Bureau of Prisons is likely to receive next year.  Consider all the talk you hear from elected officials about how important education is and then consider St. Paul’s College. St. Paul’s College, a historically black college, was established in 1888 and went out of business last year.  The property and buildings are now up for auction on a cheesy looking auction site.  See:

AP: “An auction and real estate company is listing the historically black college for auction at a date to be announced. The historic property in Southside Virginia closed last summer after it abandoned its years-long quest to keep its accreditation and amid crushing debt.”