Statement from Chair of 100 Black Men on DOJ Letter Issue

Statement from Chair of 100 Black Men on DOJ Letter Issue

dossmanStatement from Chairman Curley M. Dossman, Jr. of 100 Black Men of America, Inc. on Justice Department Letter Issue

In an effort to address a legitimate concern our organization had about a recent RFP, we sent a letter directly to the Department of Justice to obtain clarity around the intent of the grant. A prompt meeting with Department of Justice representatives addressed our concern and provided a path forward that is satisfactory to us. We also found out that our concern was not related to My Brother’s Keeper which is still moving forward. Therefore we believe this matter has been resolved and we will have no further comment on it.
The RFP Dossman is referring to is below.

National Urban League Marc Morial wrote a letter on the same issue 100 Black Men brought up dated April 29, 2014.  Whatever the “path forward” is and how the concerns were addressed in 100 Black Men President Brown’s letter no one will say.  Stay tuned to see how much funding for mentoring 100 Black Men and National Urban League receives moving forward.

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