CBC Foundation Legislative Conference Notes

I’m still getting over a few things and putting together observations in my mind after attending four days of the annual Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference. A list:

01. Watching Charlie Rangel and John Conyers reminds me the time for opportunity regarding legislative change is short.
02. It felt like fewer people attended this year. Nothing sold out.
03. A dinner is a dinner is a dinner. Receptions are better. Particularly dessert receptions.
04. Having the President at the gala is cool and annoying at the same time.
05. Bennie Thompson threw the best party. The Macy’s fashion show idea needs to be overhauled. The 2nd annual Sisterhood party (by Fudge, Edwards, Richardson and Clarke) was way better than I thought it would be.
06. Too many awards to celebrities.
07. Alcee Hastings and the late Parren Mitchell might have a point.
08. Hearing the same panel 16 years running on the same policy that hasn’t changed is sobering.
09. Best CBC lady gala-dress: Eleanor Holmes Norton.
10. Best panel discussion: Both “Emerging Leaders,” panels. They also had the best marketing for their panel as their postcards were inescapable. 2nd Place: Andre Carson’s marketng campaign for his Hip-Hop and politics panel.