3,635 Votes: Anger Over Steve Horsford Loss Justified, Here’s Why

3,635 Votes: Anger Over Steve Horsford Loss Justified, Here’s Why

Karl Rove spends $1,072,596, Horsford loses by 3,635 votes. Usually when someone loses you get a few hours of reaction and then everyone turns the page and gets back to what they were doing.  In the case of Rep. Steve Horsford (D-NV), that’s not happening.

poll1If I could put the anger radiating from Horsford’s loss on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 8.3.  Is it because his loss was preventable?  Is it because the Democrats reacted slowly to assist him? It’s probably all that and the fact that Horsford is very well liked. 

It also may be the fact that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was buying hundreds of thousands in ad time to assist losing Democrats Domenic Recchi and John Barrow — who lost by 15,000+ votes and 13,000+ votes — Horsford only lost by 3,600.

Did no one at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sense that Barrow’s race was over? In Staten Island, Grimm was assumed the winner weeks ago. One would think that if Karl Rove could figure out that Horsford’s seat was in play that might be a hint to DCCC. Or maybe it wasn’t really in play — until Rove arrived and dropped $1,072,596 + on Horsford.  Whichever the case, at some point between Oct. 19 and Oct. 30, that whole “incumbency protection” plan D-trip talks of should have been in full swing. 

Rove’s Crossroads GPS targeted Horsford on October 20 and spent $1,072,596 against Horsford, fifteen days before election day.  So when did Horsford get help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)?  Well, that would be on October 30, four days before election day in the form of $361,174.  Horsford became the only African American candidate DCCC spent money on in 2014 after raising a record $174 million of the 2014 cycle — a year with a record number of African Americans running for Congress. 

Horsford lost 48-45% by only 3,635 votes.  John Barrow lost 54-45% by 15,864.  Domenic Recchia, who somehow lost against soon-to-be-jailbird Rep. Mike Grimm (R-NY), and his 20-count indictment, lost by 13,435 votes.  See the photos of the independent expenditures below (read it all at FEC.GOV) that DCCC paid for to assist Barrow and Recchia.

The bottom screen shot is of Crossroads GPS spending against Horsford and then the DCCC filing on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30.


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