When Jesse Jr Finally Leaves: Fattah, Bishop, Lee Move Up on Approps

We already know this process will take forever: The FBI appears to be spending more energy leaking details of the investigation of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr than they are investigating.

But clearly, one way or the other, Jesse Jr is leaving Congress. All this fantasy talk (only known through FBI leaks) about wanting disability appears contingent on a House vote. Good luck with that. Even by voice vote that’s a tricky proposition.

Meanwhile back to reality: Jesse Jr is the most senior Black member on House Approps. Right behind him is Rep Chaka Fattah, then a few members later, Sanford Bishop. One of the ways the poor district Jr represents is that they will lose a money by not having a member who sits on Appropriations.

Not that it matters now as the district sits completely unrepresented while their U.S. Rep visits the Mayo Clinic and a few bars, but not having a federal rep who is on the most powerful committee in Congress will prove to be he most important outcome of the Jesse saga in the long run.