TX GOP Senator Drops “Civil Rights and Human Rights” from Judiciary Subcmte. Name

TX GOP Senator Drops “Civil Rights and Human Rights” from Judiciary Subcmte. Name


Just Another Moment in GOP Growth and Opportunity. Just in case anyone is wondering how the new Republican controlled Senate will deal with civil rights issues, wonder no more.  There’s a new Republican Chairman of the Senate’s Judiciary Committee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights and he is making moves. 

And the Republican Chairman’s first move was…. you guessed it: Changing the committee’s name. For a member of the most notorious do-nothing Congress in American history what else could you expect? I’m not certain what Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) would say if asked what legislation he has passed as a U.S. Senator.  But at least he has the shinning achievement of dropping “civil and human rights” from the subcommittee’s name.  These name changes are tough.  This U.S. Senator thing is hard work.  Now the name is simply the subcommittee on the Constitution. 

“We changed the name because the Constitution covers our most basic rights including civil and human rights,” said Cornyn’s flak.  That’s an interesting statement on several fronts.

“We will focus on these rights along with other issues that fall under the broader umbrella of the Constitution,” the Cornyn’s flak added as reported by the Washington Post.  But this is the party that has as policy making it more difficult for people to vote — so the statements above are laughable.  It couldn’t be that Senate Republicans don’t believe in civil and human rights, correct?    

Remember that this is the same GOP that had an alleged moment of self study in January 2013 after Mitt Romney lost in 2012.  But still the Republican party appears to believe that “growth and opportunity” means appealing to the same monolithic group of people is the way to win.  So far that’s only true in congressional districts rigged for Republicans to win.