Carnahan RUNNING Against Lacy Clay

PRIMARY DATE: AUGUST 7. Lacy Clay has $386,679 cash-on-hand.  Russ Carnahan has $448,771 cash-on-hand. Her we go again! Worse than Kucinich vs Kaptur!

As expected and as rumored: Rep. Russ Carnahan, who found himself out of a seat after Missouri lost a district in redistricting, will run against CBC member Lacy Clay.  The two will run against each other for the democratic nomination in the first congressional district in Missouri.  This will be a rough one.  Lacy Clay, the son of legendary CBC member William Clay, was first elected in 2000.  Carnahan, the son of former Governor Mel Carnahan, was first elected in 2005.  The intense Carnahan, nothing like his dad, once famously told Clay to “f*** off” n the House floor after a redistricting “discussion.”  Only 20% of Clay’s new district is Carnahan’s old district.  Clay will be favored but with 6 months to campaign, expect some fireworks.

Even though Carnahan was coy on the matter for months he always maintained he “would be running for re-election…”  That was assumed by this reporter as an unveiled way of saying he was running.  As a result, Lacy Clay has been raising money in impressive fashion for the last several months. Clay has the 9th highest amount of cash on hand among CBC members with $386,679.  Russ Carnahan has $448,771 in cash on hand.

01. Allen West (FL-18) – $2,718,747
02. Bennie Thompson (MS-2) – $1,753,516
03. Jim Clyburn (SC-6) – $1,548,870
04. Don Payne (NJ-10) – $1,411,305
05. Elijah Cummings (MD-7) – $909,583
06. Tim Scott (SC-1) – $511,902
07. Hansen Clarke (MI-14) – $500,213
08. John Lewis (GA-5) – $387,485
09. Lacy Clay (MO-1) – $386,679