Rush Told No One of Hoodie Plan

Rep. Bobby Rush hoodie interview
In the above interview on March 28, 2012, Rep. Bobby Rush talks to reporters after wearing a hoodie on the House floor while speaking on the killing of Trayvon Martin.

How many people did Rep. Bobby Rush tell before appearing on the House floor and donning a hoodie during a one minute speech? No one. Not his Chief of Staff. Not his wife. No one.  The former Black Panther surprised officials on the House floor including his beleaguered rapidly-gavel-banging colleague from Mississippi Greg Harper, who happened to be presiding in the Chair as Rush spoke.  Staff from the House floor from the Sgt. at Arms office asked Rush to stand down at the end of the speech and Harper repeated “the gentleman will suspend” several times but the church of Bobby Rush rolled on… and garnered even more attention onto the case of Trayvon Martin… still no arrest on day 34… Martin was shot to death by George Zimmerman on February 26.  Interestingly, U.S. Capitol Police radios were heard to deliver the message there was a “protester on the House floor” during Rush’s speech.