“Red Tails” Tells Tale of Tuskegee Airmen

RED TAILS! Tyler Perry no. Precious no.  How about a story featuring black males who aren’t wearing dresses or beating up or cheating on a female.  Well here it is. Star Wars creator George Lucas has been working on bringing the story of the Tuskegee Airmen to the big screen for over 20 years.  This week the story will finally make it home on January 20th.  The story of black fighter pilots in World War II trained in Tuskegee, Alabama is a compelling and undertold (when you consider all the war movies over the many years….) tale.  It’s also interesting to note that Lucas hired a black director and the tale is told from the vantage point of the African American characters.  These things are not a given in Hollywood. Let’s hope RED TAILS makes it big even though so many movies are just doing so-s0.