Rangel: Lack of Diversity in Obama Cabinet “Embarrassing as Hell”

“It’s as embarrassing as hell,” Rep Charlie Rangel told MSNBC regarding the issue of diversity in Obama’s cabinet.

Even though President Obama has appointed a Black Attorney General and a female Secretary of State, the issue of the number of women and minorities in his cabinet has come up before.

The issue also came up when President Obama selected Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. Kagan had never hired anyone Black or Latino as a Dean at Harvard.

“We’ve been through all of this with Mitt Romney. And we were very hard on Mitt Romney with the women binder and a variety of things.”

“I kinda think there’s no excuse when it’s the second term. If it’s the first term, you could see people got to know who is around and qualified in order to get this job, number one,” said Rangel.

“I had thought that it could be the Harvard problem where people just know each other, trust each other. And women and minorities don’t get a chance to rub elbows and their reputations and experience is not known … so in the second term, these people should be just as experienced as anybody, any other American.”