Obama Proposes $500 Million Plan to Curb Gun Violence

“As soon as I leave here I will sign a directive to empower law enforcement and school administrators,” President Obama said today as he announced his new violence prevention initiative.

The President announced 23 executive orders that he would sign to assist in preventing gun violence but also said “Congress must act,” on universal background checks to close the gun show loophole.

“An overwhelming number of Americans agree with this,” the President said. He also called for a ban on assault weapons and a limit to the number of magazines a gun magazine can hold. The President reminded the audience that Ronald Reagan was in favor of military style assault weapons.

“This will not happen unless the American people demand it,” the President said.

None of these ideas are expected to pass through the Republican House and it would w surprising if any received a vote on the House floor.

“I will put everything I have into this,” President Obama concluded.