Marsh Massacre in Ol’ Virginny: VA GOP Pulls MLK Night Coup

Will McDonnell veto Marsh midnight massacre bill?

The Virginia State Senate is 20-20. But on the night of the inauguration it was 20-19. Why? Because Democratic State Senator Henry Marsh was missing. Marsh was in Washington attending the second inauguration of President Obama. Why the Virginia State Senate even in session on the King Holiday is an open question.

It gets better: Sen. Marsh, 79, is a civil rights leader. What did Virginia’s Rs pass in a sneak attack during Monday evening? A rigged redistricting bill under the fake title of so-called “technical corrections.” The “corrections” passed alters VA’s Senate districts for Republicans to win the next election and maintain a majority for years. It also eliminates two Democratic Senate seats. Given the demographic changes in the state generally, winning by way of democracy has become increasingly difficult for the GOP.

So far Gov. Bob McDonnell had indicated he wasn’t thrilled with the Senate’s move but hasn’t said he would veto it.

As reported by TPM, the Senate adjourned “in memory of General ‘Stonewall’ Jackson,” according to the minutes of the session. Jan. 21 is the Confederate general’s birthday.”