Is Jesse Jackson, Jr Staying or Going?

JUNIOR YET TO RETURN AND HOUSE FOR SALE. Many of Rep Jesse Jackson Jr’s colleagues have expressed concern for his health but know few details regarding his future plans. Even after two months no one is sure of what will happen next.

Though no one is willing to speculate on Jackson’s political future, in large part because they view his health as being more important than his career, his continued absence joined with the information that his DC home went up for sale a day after he left the Mayo Clinic, will begin a new round of speculation.

The only clues so far have come from comments from former Rep Patrick Kennedy and Rep Dennis Kucinich.

Kucinich joined Jackson at his last press conference on the minimum wage shortly before Jackson left to be treated for a bi-polar disorder.

Both Kennedy and Kucinich described Jackson as emotionally “frail” and indicated a quick return would be unlikely.