From 99ers to 73ers to 60ers: 14 CBCers Vote NO on Payroll Tax Bill

99 weeks, 73 weeks, 60 weeks. CLICK Most of the 14 CBC members who voted against the payroll tax deal didso because of the cut in unemployment benefits. CNN Money has a chart with NEW length of jobless benefits by state. CLICK RIGHT HERE

The payroll tax vote.  It didn’t fix the “doc fix,” punished federal employees and shortened unemployment benefits.  Well, 14 CBC members weren’t having it and voted NO.  Voting against the payroll tax cut deal were CBC members Chair Emanuel Cleaver, Reps. Yvette Clarke, Lacy Clay, Elijah Cummings, Danny Davis, Donna Edwards, Hank Johnson, Keith Ellison, Marcia Fudge, Alcee Hastings, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Barbara Lee, Bobby Scott and Allen West.  Note that the authors of the 99ers bill, HR589, both voted against.

The payroll tax deal passed 293 to 132 — 91 Reps voted against and 41 Dems, including a member of the leadership, Steny Hoyer voted against the bill.

CBC Chair Emanuel Cleaver: “Even though this bill extends unemployment insurance, many states could lose significant benefits due to the nature of the calculation of the total unemployment rate in the overall bill. We are literally taking one step forward and ten leaps back.”

Rep Bobby Scott: “This bill adds $101.1 billion to the deficit in fiscal year 2012 alone, it cuts billions from preventive health programs, it scales back unemployment insurance … it fails to find a long term solution for Medicare physician reimbursement rates…”