FL NAACP Chapter Dumps Allen West, Cancels Banquet

Who’s Speaking? A local NAACP chapter in Martin County, Florida had scheduled Rep. Allen West to be their banquet keynote speaker. They have since disinvited West after he made the false statement that there are “80 communists” in the Democratic party in the U.S. House

“There’s a certain statement he made about Communists,” Jerry Gore, president of the Martin County NAACP, told reporters, “that statement alone, we do not represent that type of atmosphere.”

Of course, one has to wonder, how was it that Rep. Allen West was invited to speak at the banquet in the first place. His statement regarding “communists” in the House is certainly not the first time he’s said something that could be defined as unhelpful to political discourse.

The NAACP chapter is rescheduling its banquet for September. West may soon have assistance with regard to his efforts as a leading weapon on mass distraction. Utah Republican Mia Love won her primary over the weekend. br />