Fed Court Dismisses Case Against Alcee Hastings, Will House Ethics Follow?

Packer – Order Granting Motion to Dismiss
Will House Ethics Dismiss the Hastings case also? After all sorts of details and even a book of fiction involving sexual harassment claims written by his accuser, Winsome Packer, a case of allegations of sexual harassment against Rep. Alcee Hastings was dismissed in Federal Court today. U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein tossed the case of sexual harassment and retaliation against both Rep. Alcee Hastings and staff member Fred Turner.

“As I have said repeatedly, this whole thing is ridiculous, bizarre, frivolous, and has wasted — and is still wasting — a whole lot of folks’ time and money,” Hastings said.

Many say the case smacked of political motivation to begin with. Packer is a Republican and the conservative group Judicial Watch, who has been after Hastings many times before — sued the Congressman on behalf of Packer. Some even say Hastings made an easy target to bring legal action against given that he was impeached over 20 years ago as a federal judge. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch hosted a blowout press conference featuring their accuser — who still works on the very Committee she claims the harassment occurred at. Will the House Ethics Committee follow suit? So far, they have put his case on hold.