Ds and Rs Take Stage Together at STOCK Act Bill Signing

Tune in tomorrow when Majority Leader Eric Cantor drops by… Today President Obama signed legislation — the STOCK ACT — prohibiting members of Congress from trading on inside legislative info.  Today on stage at the White House: Melanie Sloan from CREW.  Democratic Reps. Bobby Scott and John Larsen. GOP Reps Robert Dold and Rep. Sean Duffy. President Obama and Vice President Biden. All on the same stage together for the signing of the STOCK Act. No, Spencer Bachus wasn’t there. Neither was Nancy Pelosi or John Boehner.  All three were mentioned in a piece on 60 Minutes that launched a renewed push behind the STOCK Act legislation. With the signing of the JOBS bill tomorrow it can be confirmed that some House Republicans have figured out that it’s nice to tell constituents you’ve passed a little something after roaring into the majority beating your chest and telling everyone how you’d “change Washington.”  The first year of House GOP rule featured gridlock and positions taken simply to counter the President.  As Congressional approval numbers hit an all time low, some House Rs wondered how their my-way-or-the-highway ways would play at election time… as a result a few bipartisan bills are passing.