Corrine Brown “Thrilled” as Court Grants Marissa Alexander New Trial

Corrine Brown “Thrilled” as Court Grants Marissa Alexander New Trial

After shooting drywall and getting 20 years as George Zimmerman walked for killing someone, Marissa Alexander has been granted a new trial.  A press release by Rep. Corrine Brown below outlines her story.

Congresswoman Brown Thrilled Florida’s First District Court of Appeals Grants New Trial for Marissa Alexander

“I am so pleased to hear that Florida’s First District Court of Appeals ordered a new trial for Marissa Alexander.  It has been clear to me since the day she was sentenced that a 20 year mandatory jail term was terribly excessive, and I am thrilled that she will be given another attempt to defend herself.  I would like to thank Marissa’s hard working team of attorneys, Mr. Bruce Zimet of Ft. Lauderdale and Mr. Michael Dowd of New York, Mr. Kevin Cobbin, who represented Marissa at her trial, as well as the National Clearing House for the Defense of Battered Women.  

A documented victim of domestic violence, Marissa was sentenced to 20 years in prison merely for firing a warning shot into the air to scare off her ex-husband, Rico Gray, who was consistently abusive toward her.  It is important to note his threatening words justminutes before the incident: ‘If I can’t have you, nobody is going to have you.’ Indeed, millions of abused women have heard those harsh words.

Abused women like Marissa, who has a master’s degree and no prior record, need support and counseling so they don’t find themselves in these situations to begin with.  Arresting and prosecuting her when no one was hurt does not make any sense.  And beyond a doubt, mandatory minimum sentences just make Florida’s already broken system even more arbitrary and cruel.  What was certainly absent from the courtroom during Marissa’s trial was mercy and justice. Indeed, the three year plea deal from State Attorney Angela Corey is not mercy, and a mandatory twenty year sentence is not justice!

Along with Marissa and the team defending her, I am glad the justice system worked in this instance, and am very hopeful that she will see justice and be vindicated at her upcoming trial.”