CBC Chair Says No to No Budget, No Pay

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Fudge’s Statement on the No Budget, No Pay Act

WASHINGTON, DC (Link) – Congressional Black Caucus Chair Marcia L. Fudge released the following statement in response to the “No Budget, No Pay Act” that passed today in the House of Representatives. Members of the Congressional Black Caucus overwhelmingly voted against the measure:

“Once again, this Congress has decided it is more important to kick the can down the road and play political games than to take a serious approach to getting our fiscal house in order. This bill is merely a short-term fix that does nothing to restore confidence in our economy or put Americans back to work. Instead, it places American jobs, programs that protect seniors, veterans and the most vulnerable populations in jeopardy and impugns the constitution by bartering with congressional pay.

“The presumption of fiscal accountability surrounding this measure is false and misleading. This bill is merely a gimmick to turn the American public’s attention away from the serious discussions about our fiscal future. We need to stop the political posturing and focus on a long-term plan that will ensure certainty and stability for our economy and creates economic opportunities for all Americans.

“The Congressional Black Caucus is committed to serious debate about our economy that responsibly addresses our debt ceiling and deficit reduction. The American people deserve more.”