The Jesse Saga: Wife Says Treatment Will Take Time

Sandi Jackson, wife of Jesse Jackson, Jr., says something everyone already knows: That her husband’s treatment will take time. He’s being treated for a bi-polar disorder and is rumored to be under investigation by the FBI.

The ongoing saga of Jesse Jr raises several questions:
1. should a member who is unable to serve his constituents for a substantial time continue or resign?
2. is the House Ethics Committee on a never ending fishing expedition? The investigation on JJJr has gone on for 3 yrs paid for by taxpayers. Nothing had been found yet. Shouldn’t there be more than smoke and rumor after THREE years?
3. What’s in the insurance of mbrs? There are indications JJJr’s insurance does not adequately cover his bipolar condition. You’re kidding?

From Reuters: “He’s going to stay there for the duration as far as we know right now.”

“He’s doing about the same,” she said. “He’s still at the hospital … We’re still very prayerful that all goes well. You know, these things take time.”