4 Trayvon Pixs Certain “Media” Skipped

 Funny that the Breitbart wanna-be Daily Caller and others could find so may images (including one not even of him…) of Trayvon Martin yet they somehow skipped these images from his-super-duper-ultra-secret-hard-to-find MYSPACE page.
Certain bloggers can find an image of Martin with a grill but wow — isn’t that funny — they just happened to skip over these photos of Trayvon Martin.  These are the photos being edited out and skipped over by certain “news” orgs and bloggers running obvious but undeclared agendas. The agenda last week by some was the thugification of Martin.  These photos didn’t fit the narrative and were ignored.

Since these images don’t quit fit the agenda of some (in what is likely a small but active minority) we haven’t seen these images yet. Well here the are.  Looks like a pretty positive happy kid. The images would appear to not quite fit the alleged description given by George Zimmerman to authorities of an aggressive or angry person who would attack someone from behind.













In a well documented piece in the New York Times today, the omission game played by some bloggers in  is outlined.  Read it here.