Names: 22 File to Run for Jesse Jr. Seat

Names: 22 File to Run for Jesse Jr. Seat

DEADLINE. So far, Toi Hutchinson and Robin Kelly have raised the most money in their effort to win Jesse Jackson Jr’s seat. The primary is on February 26. Twenty-two people filed to run by the deadline, which is today

Democrats (17)
1. Toi Hutchinson
2. Robin Kelly
3. Ald. Anthony Beale
4. Ex jailbird and fmr. U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds of Dolton
5. Victor Jonathan of Country Club Hills
6. Clifford Eagleton, of Harvey
7. Gregory Haynes, of Lynwood
8. Charles Rayburn of Dolton
9. Anthony W. Williams of Dolton
10. Fatimah Muhammad of Chicago
11. Ernest Fenton of Markham
12. John Blyth of Chicago
13. Larry Pickens of Chicago
14. Patrick Brutus of Chicago
15. Debbie Halvorson
16. Napolean Harris
17. Joyce Washington

Republicans (5)
1. Lenny McAllister
2. James Taylor Sr. of Bradley
3. Eric Wallace of Flossmoor
4. Paul McKinley of Chicago
5. Beverly Reid of Chicago