Will Lacy Clay Sign Free Trade Oversight Letter?

Will Lacy Clay Sign Free Trade Oversight Letter?

MK Stallings for the West End Word: St. Louis-based nonprofit advocacy group, Peace Economy Project, made it known that Congressman Clay had yet to join with other members of Congress by signing a letter demanding Congressional oversight of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The letter, submitted by U.S. Representatives Rosa DeLauro and George Miller to President Obama, signals strong resistance to TPP. In an e-newsletter, Peace Economy Project describes TPP as the “farthest reaching trade agreement if it is passed.” Last week, PEP urged 1st District voters to call Congressman Clay and push him to add his signature to the letter.

censusWhile PEP criticized Trans-Pacific Partnership as doing “little to promote free trade and much to protect corporations and their profits,” an equally pressing concern for the group is the possibility that President Obama, like previous administrations, could use fast-track authority to limit the role of Congress in negotiating a trade agreement. Fast-track authority expired in 2007 but Congress may renew it at some yet to be determined date, which puts Congressman Clay’s position on the issue of interest to PEP.

Interestingly, Tea Party and progressive activists as well as elected officials who represent their disparate views oppose the renewal of fast-track authority. The Obama administration appears to prefer bypassing Congressional processes that could shutdown TPP and deny him what presidents have used since the Free Trade Act of 1974.

No word yet on whether PEP’s call to action has resulted in Congressman Clay adding his support to the letter.

MK Stallings