Tribute to Black Senators: Sen. Tim Scott Hosts History-palooza

Tribute to Black Senators: Sen. Tim Scott Hosts History-palooza

With five of only nine African American individuals who have ever served in the U.S. Senate in American history on stage, USProgrmSen. Tim Scott (R-SC) hosted an event this morning in honor of their lives and careers.

Former Senators Carol Moseley Braun, Mo Cowan and Roland Burris, joined Sen. Scott and newest Senator, Cory Booker, at the Library of Congress in front of an audience of 150 in the main building of the Library of Congress.

Though the event was relatively content and issue free, there were a few moments that referred to the ongoing gridlock on Capitol Hill — the type of obstruction that even Black Senators dealing with Reconstruction issues would be impressed with.

Senators were asked to reflect on their careers and answer a few pre-selected questions.  Burris mentioned that the Senate had to use the “nuclear option” to deal with gridlock.  Cowan joked that the toughest decision he had to make upon arriving to Washington was what shuttle to use from Boston to Washington. Booker reminded the audience that his biggest political obstacle was himself and mentioned the lessons of his father — who passed away only six days before he was elected to the U.S. Senate.   All in all it was a lighthearted and well put together affair.

Sen. Scott and Senate Chaplain Barry Black did well to keep the event light, and there was a reading of biographies of all Senators who served in the institution after reconstruction.  The events served as a way to end Black history month on a bi-partisan note even if looming bipartisanship and the midterm election will soon dominate most political discussion for the rest of 2014.