#TPP: Clyburn Moves to Deliver Black Caucus Votes on Trade

#TPP: Clyburn Moves to Deliver Black Caucus Votes on Trade

Summer jobs, the cadillac tax, 10-20-30.  Will members of the Black Caucus vote YES or NO on fast track or the trade deal? Or will they be swayed by gifts from the Obama Administration?

At today’s weekly Black Caucus meeting, the only member of the Black Caucus who is in the House leadership, Rep. Jim Clyburn presented some of the benefits Black Caucus members may get if they vote YES on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  No one has a clue as to how it is that suddenly President Obama can deliver on things it wouldn’t or couldn’t deliver on over the previous six years.  

Would the Republicans suddenly agree to fund summer jobs over trade?  Lord knows the President is great at bargaining in a lopsided fashion (2010 Obama: I’ll give up $4 trillion in tax revenue for one year of unemployment benefits). 

Several pro-labor Black Caucus members have already said they will vote NO on the deal.  Will the gifts change their mind?  A whip count at last votes yielded lots of firm NOs even with the gifts. Stay tuned.