The 6 Black Caucus Members Who Attended the CBC + Bernie Sanders Meeting

The 6 Black Caucus Members Who Attended the CBC + Bernie Sanders Meeting

1. Rep. G.K. Butterfield
2. Rep. John Conyers
3. Rep. Charlie Rangel
4. Rep. Yvette Clarke
5. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
6. Rep. Karen Bass

These are the six Black Caucus members who attended a meeting for Congressional Black Caucus members to speak with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The meeting took place at a townhouse near the Capitol so election politics could be discussed.  Though Rep. Charlie Rangel was a Clinton supporter in 2008 and very likely is one now, he said that he would attend the meeting early on Thursday and attend it he did.  Unlike Rangel, Dean of the House Rep. John Conyers, supported President Obama in 2008.

Though several members had conflicts during the time of the meeting, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was hosting a briefing with Richard Gere on homelessness, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) was at the White House, others were clearly not all that interested.

“I forgot about it,” one member who didn’t attend said.  Another said there was no point in going because they were solid in their support of Hillary Clinton. But most members simply had scheduling conflicts.

This week a polls showed that Sanders is pulling closer to Clinton in Iowa.  But poll numbers and crowd sizes don’t seem to be changing the minds of members of the Congressional Black Caucus when it comes to their support of Clinton.