@NBCBLK: What If the CBC Leveraged Voted for #SpeakeroftheHouse?

@NBCBLK: What If the CBC Leveraged Voted for #SpeakeroftheHouse?

NBCBLK: Could the Congressional Black Caucus block their votes in such a way to get something politically out of the race for Speaker of the House?

Of course it’s unlikely that a Republican would make a deal with any group of House Democrats, but in the current fluid political environment around the race for Speaker, it’s not impossible.

After the shocking withdrawal of House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), the narrative of the conflict regarding John Boehner’s successor is being controlled by the House’s right wing members, known as the Freedom Caucus.

The group doesn’t have the numbers to elect a Speaker, but they do have enough votes to derail a more moderate Republican from being elected. There are other blocks of votes that could become a part of the conversation should House members be forced to go to a second or third ballot vote in selecting a Speaker.  read entire here