@Clyburn on #Ferguson: “We’ve Got Checkbooks”

@Clyburn on #Ferguson: “We’ve Got Checkbooks”

“They’ve Got the Numbers, It’s About Turnout… We’ve Got Checkbooks.” The Congressional Black Caucus member with the largest campaign war chest, along with a thriving leadership PAC, says some of his campaign cash will be there to assist with a get out the vote drive in Ferguson.  

Rep. Jim Clyburn

The next election in Ferguson will be for three slots on the City Council.  Though Ferguson is 67% Black there is only one Black member on the City Council.  Voter registration and turnout numbers for municipal elections in the city have been abysmal.  

“We’ve got checkbooks,” the only Black member of House leadership, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), told Gannett News reporter Deborah Berry on Friday.  Clyburn is the CBC’s unofficial political director.  He’s also the #1 fundraiser out of 48 Black members of the 114th Congress.  Clyburn emphasized the obvious: voting.

“This is about trying to get a community turned on to the process and trying to get people to understand that there’s a direct correlation between your vote, and lack thereof, and what happens in the community,” Clyburn told Berry.  Clyburn is headed to Ferguson this weekend with nine other members of the Caucus with several goals in mind. 

“They’ve got the numbers, so it’s about turnout,” Clyburn added. 

The top three fundraisers in the CBC are Clyburn and Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD).  Clyburn alone currently has $1.2 million on hand in his warchest.  The three top Black Caucus fundraisers have over $3 million collectively.