#BREAKING – John Lewis: I Do Not Support the Confirmation of Michael Boggs

#BREAKING – John Lewis: I Do Not Support the Confirmation of Michael Boggs

After five months of public silence regarding the nomination of Michael Boggs.  Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) released the following statement today.

Rep. John Lewis Does Not Support the Confirmation of 
Judge Michael Boggs — May 19, 2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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WASHINGTON — “I have fought long and hard and even put my life on the line for the cause of equal rights and social justice.   My commitment to these ideals has never changed, and my record is solid and unwavering.  I take a back-seat to no one and have been at the forefront for decades in defense of the right to marry, a women’s right to choose, and the imperative of non-violence as a means of dissent.  I have worked tirelessly to rid Georgia, the South, and this nation from the stain of racial discrimination in any form, including the display of Confederate emblems in the Georgia state flag.  I am not about to change that position now.

“I have tried to refrain from making public statements out of respect for my colleagues and the Senate process.  I believe it is important to allow each candidate to be evaluated according to his or her own merits and to allow the Senate judicial nomination process to take its course.  This willingness to permit due process is all that I have indicated in any conversation I may have had with my colleagues.  I did not at any time indicate my support for the Boggs nomination or say that he had the backing of the African American community in Georgia.

“Based on the evidence revealed during this hearing, I do not support the confirmation of Michael Boggs to the federal bench.  His record is in direct opposition to everything I have stood for during my career, and his misrepresentation of that record to the committee is even more troubling. The testimony suggests Boggs may allow his personal political leanings to influence his impartiality on the bench.  I do not have a vote in the Senate, but if I did I would vote against the confirmation of Michael Boggs.”


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