April 7: A #Ferguson (65% Black) Jennings (85% Black) Election Chart

April 7: A #Ferguson (65% Black) Jennings (85% Black) Election Chart

Will people next Tuesday in Ferguson?  Next Tuesday, April 7, is a day that will indicate whether or not voting patterns will change for the better in the city of Ferguson.  After almost a year of marches, protests and panels will people show up and vote.

Many young activists in Ferguson have complained that the political process does not work for them. But unless they are planning to stage a coup attempt on the City Council and the Mayor, voting will have to be the cornerstone of their strategy moving forward. To this point in recent years, voting participation in Ferguson has been abysmal. 

The chart below shows the candidates in the Ferguson election and the Jennings race for Mayor. Jennings is the town next to Ferguson that has an even higher of African American voters.