This blog follows news, information and legislative work of Black members of the U.S. Congress. No group of 48 individuals thinks and acts as a monolith and this blog will spotlight that.  African American elected officials, issues on the “black agenda” and issues disproportionately facing urban communities will also be focused on.

The Black Caucus is an example of individuals forging ahead singularly and yet wielding power as a group as politics require. For the first time in the CBC’s 40 year history the current membership covers the post WWII era and moves through the post Civil Rights West-LVB1movement (John Conyers, b. 1929 –> Andre Carson, b. 1974). The group originated in 1971 with 13 members.

Two friends of mine and I were going over the general way in which the CBC is covered in the press. I came to the conclusion that 97% of the time it boils down to 3 types of stories when it comes to Black members of Congress:
1. CBC angry.
(When any one member takes a strong position).
2. CBC forms roving gang and wants something.

(When two or more members agree and act accordingly).
3. CBC in disarray. (When two or more members disagree).

BIO: Lauren Victoria Burke writes about Congress and politics from Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  This blog was created to put attention on important issues that generally don’t get much press coverage.  Ms. Burke is the Managing Editor of POLITIC365.COM and owns a photo wire service WDCPIX.COM. Her first job in journalism was as a personal assistant to Cokie Roberts at ABC News.  Ms. Burke was also a staffer on Capitol Hill at the Democratic Policy Committee and has also worked for USA, The Washington Post, The Hill and Associated Press. Ms. Burke holds a B.A. in History from The American University.  She’s covered a bunch of campaigns including President Obama’s historic run for the White House from which she produced a 280-page photography book.  She likes to drive. She was born in the Bronx. She has tons of cops in her fam. She loves Sam Cooke.  You can contact me at Follow me on twitter @crewof42.


This blog represents my personal feelings and opinions, and not those of any past or present employer, candidate, group, or organization that I work for or affiliate with. This blog has no official affiliation with the Congressional Black Caucus.