From the 1st Session to the 2nd

So many things are set to happen legislatively in 2010. It’s going to be an exciting year for the Crew of 42.

2009 – Stats on the Gentlemen from Virginia

THE VIRGINIA DELEGATION- I enjoy paying close attention to the 13 guys that make up the Virginia delegation particularly since one of the members is in the Crew. Here is a statistical look at...

Stamps on Negro League Baseball

New stamps for 2010 were announced today. Including a series on Negro League Baseball.

On Read the Health Care Bill

Read the bill? I give you John Conyers.

Michael and Sheila … Jackson Lee, That Is.

Not much to post this week… so far. From time to time I need to relive foolish moments just for pure purposes of entertainment.

The Public Option + Jim Clyburn

Jim Clyburn: “We want a public option to do basically three things:1. Create more choice for insurers,2. create more competition for insurance companies and to3. contain costs.” “So if we...

Percy Sutton Dies at 89

Percy Sutton: Pioneering civil rights attorney Percy Sutton … Tuskegee Airman in World War II … mentor to Rev. Jesse Jackson … owner of Inner City Broadcasting and WBLS and...

Quote Time

“… We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we...

VA-Pilot Finally Writes on Youth PROMISE Act

BULLETIN: VA-Pilot Finally Writes on Youth PROMISE Act. Typically this paper, along with the Richmond Times Dispatch, ignore everything Rep. Bobby Scott does. They love writing about Jim Webb and...

Maxine 1997

Newspaper round table with Maxine Waters. Time flies.

McCollum for Governor?

CRIME POLICY. Let’s go back to 1994. Keep in mind that the U.S. currently spends $60Billion a year on corrections and has more people locked up than any country on earth. Yeah, that’s...

Decision Reversed

Penalize soldiers for getting pregnant? Last week, Army Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo issued a policy allowing soldiers who become pregnant and their sexual partners to be formally punished. Maj. Gen....